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TEDxLehighRiver  |  Where people meet and ideas flow



Do you have an Idea Worth Spreading?

Are you or is someone you know

the right speaker to share:

  • An idea that represents BIG thinking, beyond 

       what we already know and understand; ideas that

       explore new applications and creative innovations?

  • Something innovative that you are doing?  

  • Important work that you are doing, unique to our community? 

  • Something about which you are passionate?

We are looking for thought leaders with BIG IDEAS; 

risk-takers making strides in research, changes in our 

social contract, advancing ideas that challenge convention. 

What is a TEDxTalk?

A TEDxTalk is a showcase 

for speakers presenting great, well-formed ideas in under 18 minutes. (In fact, some of the greatest TEDTalks have been 

as short as 5 minutes long!)

What is a great, 

well-formed idea?

An idea isn’t just a story or a list of facts. A good idea takes certain evidence or observations and draws a larger conclusion.

Types of Talks

The big idea

The tech demo 

The performance

The artist’s statement

The “dazzle with wonder” 

The small idea

The “issue” talk

How to become a speaker:

1. Nominate yourself or someone you know.

Applications are now available for our next event. 

Complete and submit the online application form.

We accept applications throughout the year. 

2. Speakers with great ideas will be considered and contacted by the TEDxLehighRiver curating committee. You will be interviewed in person by the committee.

3. Coaching

The coach is a guide for the speaker on their journey of refining and delivering the talk of their life. Coaches help speakers step back from their idea, see fresh perspectives on what parts of the talk best support their idea, and which should be removed, and how they can structure content in a clear, concise and compelling way. Coaches will help  balance analytical and emotional components that will really engage the audience. 

It is important that speakers can make a time commitment to work on drafts, meet with coaches to review and refine, and repeat multiple times until the talk is ready. 

4. Rehearsals

Once all speakers have been selected, work may continue with individual coaches. Before the event, there will be additional rehearsals and a dress rehearsal from the actual stage.

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