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Did you miss the Virtual ONLINE CONVERSATION with one of our past TEDxLehighRiver speakers?  Watch them now as they re-think, re-visit, and reflect on their original talks through the lens of current events.


Craig Durie (2018)

Speaking Human: Palliative Medicine in a Pandemic and the Evolution of Telemedicine

Moderator: George Hrab

TEDxLehighRiver has curated two “Best of the Virtual Conversations” programs with highlights  from 15 months of virtual events with some of the best TEDxLehighRiver speakers.

The “Best of” programs offer a recap of key points of the lively and informative conversations about diverse topics such as the value of skepticism, subconscious racism, maintaining creativity during coronavirus and the beauty of touch. The speakers revisited their talks and reflected on what has changed and what they have learned since they first gave their talks.

Frank Smith (2013)

Pursuing Your Passions with a Different Lens

Moderator: George Hrab

Patrick McIvor (2016)

The Beauty of Touch

Moderator: George Hrab

Stephanie Smith (2016)

Creativity During Coronavirus

Moderator: George Hrab

Hasshan Batts (2020)

Revisiting: Radical Welcome Heals

Moderator: George Hrab

Elizabeth Dobson (2016)

Reflections: Our Sub-Conscious Racism: A Mixed-Race Perspective

Moderator: George Hrab

Jenni Levy (2017)

Revisiting: Your Values Matter Most

Moderator: George Hrab

Sarah Trimmer (2016)

Revisiting: #StartAndEndHappy

Moderator: George Hrab

George Hrab (2015)

Rethinking Doubt: The Value and Achievements of Skepticism

Moderator: Cari Kozicki

Lisa Getzler

How to Become a TEDxLehighRiver Speaker

Hear from TEDxLehighRiver speaker curator and coach in conversation with one of our former speakers, George Hrab.

Get an insiders view about how a TEDxLehighRiver event comes together with a focus on how to become a speaker

 back to school

part 1: 

the students

Aryaman Khandelwal (2017)

Rhea Malhotra (2017)

Neil Deshmukh (2019)

Moderator: George Hrab

part 2: 

the educators

Catherine Moore (2015)

Santo D. Marabella (2020)

Moderator: George Hrab