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BEST OF part 1 and 2 - JUL 13 and AUG 17 -  FB-Instagram for TXLR web.jpg

TEDxLehighRiver has curated two “Best of the Virtual Conversations” programs with highlights  from 15 months of virtual events featuring on  wide-ranging and thought-provoking topics with some of the best TEDxLehighRiver speakers.

George Hrab.jpg

The “Best of” programs will offer a recap of key points of the lively and informative conversations about diverse topics such as the value of skepticism, subconscious racism, maintaining creativity during coronavirus and the beauty of touch. The speakers revisited their talks and reflected on what has changed and what they have learned since they first gave their talks.

All of our Virtual Conversations are free. Pre-registration is encouraged; participation on Zoom is limited to 100 registered people and is first come, first served on event nights.

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