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CNN | The Reckoning
Reinvention in the Rust Belt
Allentown, Pennsylvania is trying to move beyond its industrial past –– without leaving anyone behind.

Hasshan Batts, the director of Promise Neighborhoods, was one of the featured speakers at TEDxLehighRiver in March 2020; he is featured in this CNN article. His TEDxLehighRiver talk addressed the principle of Radical Welcome, a philosophy that guides his work at Promise Neighborhoods. At its core, it means no one is considered throwaway, no one beyond the need for compassion, care, respect and inclusion — and that, particularly when it comes to marginalized communities, everyone’s experience should be considered equally in crafting ways to ensure a community’s health and well-being.



Promise Neighborhoods director Hasshan Batts is a public epidemiologist who believes that the “people closest to the pain” are the best suited to develop solutions.


PBS39 / Facebook post by Congresswoman Susan Wild

Congratulations to Rhea Malhotra and Neil Deshmukh for being named Presidential Scholars. Their passion, drive, and dedication to advancing the common good of our Greater Lehigh Valley community is nothing short of inspiring. Both of them are past TEDxLehighRiver speakers.

Morning Call | Go Guide


Ideas will flow at Bethlehem TEDxLehighRiver event


It's always good to catch up with our past presenters! We are happy to share that 17-year-old Neil Deshmukh, TEDxLehighRiver February 2019 speaker, has been profiled in TIME Magazine's Special Issue: Davos 2020 World Economic Forum.

The editors of TIME for Kids spoke with seven incredible young innovators. They’re using STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and their imaginations to invent new solutions to problems faced by people around the world.

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