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8-8:45 PM

Elizabeth Dobson wants us to think out of the box about race. As a mixed-race child adopted into a white family, she has learned much about how not all racism is overt – much of it is subconscious.

In 2016, Elizabeth shared her experiences and her ideas on the TEDxLehighRiver stage when she presented her talk, How to Fix Our Sub-Conscious Racism: A Mixed-Raced Perspective. Today, as we find ourselves at a crossroads once again on issues of race, Elizabeth’s perspective is as relevant and important as ever.

Elizabeth will reflect on her original talk, during which she respectfully offered ways to help us face our subconscious racism so we can better engage with people who are different from us. She will discuss with our moderator, George Hrab, what she has learned since then and share how her ideas are useful in light of current events. 




Elizabeth Dobson is the creator of Family Remixed, which is an entity focused on building a community for adoption and interracial families, with an added focus on empowering biracial and adopted youth. She is also the co-founder of Source Connect International, LLC. Over the past decade, Liz has been a featured speaker at colleges, organizations and virtual empowerment seminars nationwide. She credits her Christian faith, strong family foundation and passion to serve others as the cornerstones to her success. She is currently pursuing her M.A. in Sociology at Lehigh University with emphasis on race relations and identity development. Above all else, her favorite title is mom to her active two-year-old and one-year-old boys.